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3 pages : 5 min

teen + up

Man becomes curious about a young homeless woman who goes missing.

9 min read

teen + up

A college student makes an unexpected friend.

Can Kai help her new friend escape a mysterious creature keeping him trapped in the dark?  

readers 11 + up

15 pages 

40 min

Fantasy short story with images 

Seraphina's wing gets injured and she is stuck with the mud-dwellers. Can her human friend help her return home before war breaks out?

readers age 11+

34 pages,

Time 1h 5m

YA short story light science fiction

23 pages

We have been captured and enslaved by an alien world. It will take time travel and a willing body double to free earth.


13 Pages

Read time

complete short story

Suspenseful short story. Respect mother earth. Are there monsters at this camp? Will anyone survive?

read time: 30 min

Worms: in progress

The end: in progress

The 1000's: ongoing

Crop circles

complete short story

D Maiden: ongoing

Encoded: book 1



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